In this weekly podcast (September to June), Anna interviews people with emetophobia, therapists who treat emetophobia, researchers and authors. Season two focuses on people who have recovered from their fear of vomiting as well as professionals who talk about their experience with researching or treating it. Click on the photo below to take you to the RSS feed page, or simply search for “Emetophobia Help” anywhere you get your podcasts.

  • S2E17 Will Hayley be the next Anna Christie? I HOPE SO!
  • S2E16 Emily is recovered and pregnant!
  • S2E15 Dr. Jennifer Weinstein on emetophobia, and mindfulness with CBT.
  • S2E14 Kayla on recovery and what it's like to be sick
  • S2E13 Courtney, from FL, works with emetophobic kids and adults
  • S2E12 Therapist and Recovered Emetophobic Amanda Rausch
  • S2E11 Katie Talks About Her Recovery
  • S2E9 Anna on Norovirus Facts (FIXED)
  • S2E10 Anna & Kat discuss panic attacks
  • S2E8 Sarah shares her story of discovery and recovery.
  • S2E7 Dr. David Yusko and Dara Lovitz discuss their new emetophobia book "Gag Reflections"
  • S2E6 Nikki publishes emetophobia article for the Washington Post
  • S2E5 Hannah's inspirational recovery story
  • S2E4 Lauren developed phobia in college; now in recovery
  • S2E3 David talks about his recovery journey
  • S2E2 Drs. Veale and Keyes, authors of "Free Yourself from Emetophobia"
  • S2E1 Kelsey recovers on her own