Christie, Anna and Russ, David. (2023) Emetophobia: Understanding and Treating Fear of Vomiting in Children and Adults. London: Jessica Kingsley Press. [Release date April 21, 2023]

A book for clinicians seeking to understand, diagnose, treat or research emetophobia. Lists all emetophobia research to date in an appendix.

Cacciatore, Micheline (2018) When a Child’s Anxiety Takes Over: A Mother’s Struggle to Save her Child from Emetophobia (2nd Ed.). CreateSpace Independent Publishing.

This self-published book is a well-written account of a mother whose child was so anxious she could not even go from one room to another without her mother. Through Exposure and Response Prevention, both mother and daughter were finally able to have a normal life.

Goodman, K. (2020) The Emetophobia Manual: Free Yourself from the Fear of Vomit and Reclaim Your Life. Anxiety & OCD Treatment of the Valley.

This popular book was the first one for emetophobia to be written by a bona fide therapist who treats the disorder successfully. Written with warmth and humor, “The Emetophobia Manual” (self-published) has been helpful to many who suffer from this serious anxiety disorder. It may be a bit triggering for folks who are bothered by words, phrases and stories about vomit but that is the only critique we have.

Huebner, D. (2022) Facing Mighty Fears About Throwing Up (Dr. Dawn’s Mini Books About Mighty Fears) (Illustrated ed.). Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Jessica Kingsley in the UK has become the emetophobia publisher with this great children’s book adding to the trifecta: one for adults, one for therapists and now one for kids.

Keyes, A., and Veale, D. (2021) Free Yourself from Emetophobia: A CBT Self-Help Guide for a Fear of Vomiting. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

The first of its kind to be published and who better to do so than Drs. David Veale and Alexandra Keyes. Dr. David Veale, a psychiatrist from London, is the world’s most prolific researcher and writer on emetophobia. Dr. Keyes is a clinical psychologist who has worked with many emetophobic patients and done scientific research of her own on the disorder. This book is the best self-help book out there, based on solid research and theory.

Lovitz, D., and Yusko, D. (2021) Gag Reflections: Conquering a Fear of Vomit Through Exposure Therapy. Toplight Books.

Written by a woman (Lovitz) and her psychologist (Yusko), this delightful book has Lovitz tell her story of her journey to overcome emetophobia. Throughout the book, Yusko chimes in with theory and writes a few chapters himself as well. Very worthwhile.

Roche, Jaime. (2022) Tummy Troubles: Gretchen Faces her Fear of Throwing Up. Magination Press.

We await the publication of this book later this year.

Russ, D. (2022) Emetophobia! The Ultimate Kids’ Guide (2nd edition) [E-book].

David Russ, Ph.D., has over twenty years’ experience with emetophobia treatment for children. It is available on Amazon or Apple Books. As a father himself he knows how to relate to kids in a way that won’t scare the heck out of them right from the outset. A lovely book to read with your kids with emetophobia.

Watkins, S. (2018) Scared to be sick: A self-help workbook for Emetophobia. Independent Publishing Network.

Written by a person who suffers from a fear of vomiting herself, a solid book to work through if one has emetophobia.