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Sometimes when working with clients with a rare phobia such as emetophobia, it’s helpful to recommend a book and work through that book with them. There are currently three books published by legitimate therapists and each has unique offerings.

My first recommendation would be “Free Yourself from Emetophobia” by Keyes/Veale. David Veale is a psychiatrist in London, UK, who is the foremost researcher in the field of emetophobia. He also treats emetophobia through London hospital programs and in private practice. There isn’t much that Veale doesn’t know about emetophobia. His co-writer is also a researcher and psychologist in private practice whose knowledge is extensive when it comes to the fear of vomiting and of treating emetophobia. I highly recommend this book to use with clients.

The self-published book “The Emetophobia Manual” seems to be the most popular with people with emetophobia, perhaps because it was the first book to come out. Written by Ken Goodman, psychotherapist, this book emphasizes the author’s unique “bring it on” approach which eventually includes interoceptive exercises and actually hoping that you vomit. The book can be a bit triggering to “beginners” as Goodman uses all kinds of trigger words and stories quite freely.

“Gag Reflections” by Lovitz/Yusko is co-written by a psychologist and his patient who was successfully treated for emetophobia. The book is wonderfully inspirational for people with emetophobia, especially those seeking emetophobia treatment. It can easily be used with this website’s exposure hierarchy.

Therapists may also find merit in having their patients listen to my weekly podcast and reviewing what was heard with them, especially if they’re at the stage of doing exposures at home on their own.

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