Successful Treatment of Emetophobia at Home

Trigger Warning: this blog post may include words and experiences associated with this phobia. The Journey Our journey started in Aug 2023, a couple of weeks before my daughter was set to begin 4th grade. A little back story about my and my daughter’s mental health. I have had what I thought was generalized anxiety Read More

Still Unsure about Exposure Therapy? Six Reasons to Try this Approach

It is estimated that somewhere around a third of people with anxiety disorders are unwilling to try exposure therapy. From their point of view, it seems too risky. Why would you do something that you are terrified about? It likely seems that doing an exposure would make the very thing they fear much more likely Read More

Person-Centered or Exposure Therapy?

I don’t remember how long ago this was but sometime post-grad I was introduced to and trained in providing exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP). I really like the ‘idea’ of this treatment. Most psychotherapy has an intangible quality. It can be hard to measure its effect. I remember asking a friend of mine who Read More

Creative Exposures for Emetophobia

Anna and I have a lot of experience treating emetophobia. We know we are not the only ones. We would love to hear from other clinicians (and think it would be a great resource) about unique and effective exposures and/or eliminating safety behaviors. We have a great comment on the home page from Danielle that Read More