8. Animation – Kids

The following exposures are a combination of gifs and animated videos. Most people with emetophobia prefer to watch these with the sound muted at first. The gifs do not have sound.

Moose illustration by Lindsey Nowak.

The next two exposures are gifs based on illustrations practiced in previous steps. There is no sound.

The video below is simple claymation. There is the sound of a person moaning and throwing up during the video. It is 27 seconds long. The ‘vomit’ (green clay) begins at 9 seconds.

This is a simple drawing of a person’s head. The video is 5 seconds and includes puke. There is a brief sound.

This video is 4 seconds. The character, Rarity, makes a nauseated face and noise. There is no vomit.

The character below, Francine, makes nauseated noises and then with her back turned appears to throw up. No throw-up is visible but the sound is clearly of her puking. It is 8 seconds long.

This is a gif made from one of the cartoon images that was practiced during step 4.

This is a Minecraft video of the character stumbling around and then puking green slime. It is 20 seconds long and the vomit starts at 13 seconds. There is sound and an exaggerated amount of vomit.

Six minutes of bikini bottom nausea, disgust, and throwing up.

Dora the explorer throws up in her backpack. The cartoon is 20 seconds and she pukes at 10 seconds. The backpack is singing normally and then after the vomit, sounds gargled.

These are gifs based on images practiced in step 4.

The video below is an extensive explanation of why people vomit. There is a kitty that vomits at 41 seconds. The video is 5:38 in length. Another character vomits at 1:55 and again at 3:07. A different character pukes at 3:15 and 3:31. Emetophobia is discussed and a baby throws up at 3:35. Another character at 4:12. The kitty vomits again at 5:11.

This cartoon is narrated by a young person. She begins to talk about feeling sick at 24 seconds. The video is 2:58 in length but is relevant to 2:38. Her mom makes her go to school anyway. She continues to talk about feeling ill and that she is sitting next to the ‘meanest’ girl in school. The description of how she is feeling is pretty vivid. She gets into a kerfluffle with the mean girl. She vomits on her at 2:20.

This is a clip from the movie. It is 3 minutes long. Although the vomit is faked and blown out of a vacuum, there is a lot of it. It begins at 1:49.

This animated video is from a Family Guy episode. The characters voluntarily drink ipecac as part of a contest to win some pie. Ipecac was used in the past to cause people to vomit. It is no longer used and is now considered ineffective and sometimes unsafe. All the characters throw up multiple times. The expression, “Oh God,” is frequently used. Please skip this video if that is considered inappropriate. It is 1:30 seconds in length. Throwing up begins at 26 seconds and is continuous through the rest of the cartoon.

This is 14 minutes of various cartoon scenes of nausea and puking.

The next step is videos of people although the first one is a kitten.