4. Cartoons – Kids

The cartoons start small and get larger. Each cartoon has 3 images and there is 10 total. It can help the exposure process to focus on small details and even critique the drawings. Clinicians, you can ask your client what they think the ‘story’ might be for each cartoon. Some clients may even want to draw their own characters. The description of each of the 10 images is below.

  1. Nauseated kid
  2. Full body of a nauseated kid
  3. Nauseated kid with tears
  4. Nauseated man with a little vomit between fingers
  5. Silhouette vomiting
  6. Kid with vomit on table
  7. Full body of adult vomiting
  8. Dog vomiting
  9. Kid throwing up on the bed
  10. Kid throwing up with a horse in the background

Next Step – Photos of Nauseated People