5. Sick People – Kids

This series of photos is of people who look nauseated. However, no one is actually throwing up in any of the images. The series is like the previous step. There are 3 sizes of each of the 11 photos. The description of the 11 photos is below.

  1. Photo of a young person with her arms crossing her stomach
  2. Photo of teen with a hand covering her mouth and on her stomach
  3. A kid sitting with back against the toilet
  4. Teen leaning out a car window with hand over mouth
  5. Adult sitting with hand on mouth and stomach
  6. Adult leaning over as if to vomit with hand on mouth and stomach
  7. A young kid in a car with a vomit receptacle to mouth
  8. A person leaning over the toilet with hand over mouth
  9. A person leaning over a bowl as if ready to throw up
  10. A person on knees over toilet about to vomit
  11. A person bent at the waist with mouth open about to vomit

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