3. Paragraphs – Kids

There are six paragraphs in total. At first, there will be only a few sentences. Each time you move forward to a new page, additional sentences will be added until the paragraph is complete. Fill in the blanks with triggering words. At this point, it will likely be clear which words are still challenging and which words don’t need additional practice. Focus on the challenging words. As with any exposure, don’t advance until you or your client notices either a meaningful drop in distress (SUDs) or a clear sense of being able to tolerate how they are feeling. The paragraphs are arranged in a hierarchy as well. However, that varies from person to person. This is our best guess. We are always open to feedback. We have tried to make them as universal as possible but adapting them to the situation may be necessary.

The last one is an example of a custom script written for anxiety around bedtime that we reference in our book for providers. Skip it if your client isn’t anxious about that particular situation.

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