6. Vomit Pictures – Kids

These pictures are of vomit. There are no people in any of the photos (except for some shoes in the second one). Each image has 3 steps from small to large. There are 9 photos. The first one has been ‘cartoonized’ to make the start less challenging. A brief description of each of the photos is below.

  1. Photo transformed into a cartoonish image
  2. Photo with an adult standing astride so no one would accidentally step in it. The vomit is clear. The ‘white’ spots are light reflections
  3. Photo of vomit that was outside. Looks like oatmeal. You can see some leaves that have fallen. Photographer credit and rights can be found here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vomit.jpg#file
  4. Photo of vomit in a parking lot. The surface was recently repaved so there is a lot of contrast
  5. Photo of vomit next to a metal bench at a bus stop. There are colored spots in the vomit that suggest the person was eating candy. Photographer credit and rights
  6. Photo of vomit outside of a restaurant
  7. Photo of vomit in a toilet
  8. Photo of pigeons standing in and eating vomit. Photographer credit and rights
  9. Photo of vomit that is all over and in a toilet. Quite messy. Photographer credit and rights

Unless noted, the photos were taken by David Russ and may be used freely for the treatment of emetophobia.

Next Step – People who are throwing up