2. Sentences – Kids

Just like the words, these sentences will need repeating out loud. They need to be spoken aloud so it is important this is done with another person. Whoever is helping should stay with the sentence and not add comments or adlib. The sentences will have a blank space to fill in. There are 13 total sentences. In the blanks, insert distressing words from the previous step. Each sentence will need to be practiced with several words.

Clinicians, the sentences should be adapted to include situations or experiences that are triggering for your client. I recommend asking permission before each step and certainly if I tailor the sentence to make it more triggering. At this stage, it is best not to have any surprises. The first sentence is about a cat. The next is about a baby and then young kids, teens, and adults. The situations will also vary. If your client is ready, you can ask if the sentence reminds them of something. That will increase the strength of the exposure.

Click or tap on the sentence to make it full frame, otherwise, It may not display correctly.

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