9. Videos – kids

These videos may have commercials at the beginning, especially if you watch them on the YouTube platform. As with any video you have to be careful of the comments. These videos may be removed from YouTube at any time and we do not have control over that. We will attempt to monitor them.

Two kittens are playing. A different kitten comes into the scene and throws up. It is at the end of the video. The video is 38 seconds.

The baby spits up clear liquid at 8 seconds. The sister exclaims at that moment. It is 15 seconds long.

In the video below, the baby spits up around 15 seconds. The sister reacts and calls for their mother. She calls it throw up and is bothered by it. It is 42 seconds long.

The baby spits up a little bit at 25 seconds. It is 39 seconds long.

The video below is a minute-long compilation of babies throwing up. Usually it is on an adult.

The young man in the first row (third from left) in the blue shirt throws up during the performance. He looks distressed before he does it. The other kids scatter and respond rather dramatically. He throws up at 26 and 33 seconds. The video is 54 seconds.

This video is quite long but only the first minute is relevant as an exposure. The child shakes and has spasms associated with throwing up, then throws up a bit into a bowl. His father is helping.

In the video below, the young woman comes off a ride at an amusement park. Kneels and throws up. The video is 52 seconds and she appears on camera around 30 seconds and throws up a little at the end.

A young person wearing a black shirt with white and gray stripes in the back row throws up. It starts at around 12 seconds. He uses his hand to try to hold it. He spasms and throws up a few times. He is helped off stage and it ends around 30 seconds. The video is 59 seconds. There is no vomiting sound because the music covers it up.

This video below is 1:21 seconds long. The person in the light blue top is having fun on the roller coaster until about 30 seconds. She throws up just after one minute. Whoever posted the video made that section in slow motion. She apparently got some on herself but it isn’t clearly visible. The noise of the ride covers any vomiting sounds.

The person on the left throws up into a clear bag during an airplane stunt maneuver. They are briefly weightless and bounce up. The throw-up goes everywhere. The airplane noise covers any vomiting sounds. It is 17 seconds long.

This person vomits loudly on an airplane. It takes place from the very beginning of the video. There is almost no vomit visible but the sound is prominent. His friends think it is hilarious. It is 46 seconds long.

This person vomits off the side of a boat. It is 46 seconds long. The first throw-up is at 8 seconds. There are vomiting and coughing sounds but you may need to turn up the volume to hear them.

This video is 1:35 seconds long. It is a girl who is trying to throw up from the ‘milk challenge.’ In that challenge, you drink a LOT of milk for the purpose of throwing up. Most of it comes up around 50 seconds. She has some coming from her nose. Another girl is trying and they are laughing a lot. Toward the end she says there are “chunkies”.

This video is 4:42 seconds long. He throws up several times and the sound is prominent. He throws up at 5 seconds. The last time is about 1:20 seconds.

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