9. Videos and Sounds

Some patients will find videos easier than sounds, although many of them have sounds, and some will find sounds easier than videos. Sounds are at the bottom of this page. If they choose videos as easier, you may wish to have them watch first with their sound muted, then on low sound, etc. There is a compilation of 19 sounds at the bottom of this page, and a link to a website with “100+ vomiting sounds” for homework.

Oddbods. A cartoon character is seasick in a bucket. You can’t see anything, and the sound is very mild. The idea of what happens next is a bit gross. 38 seconds.

Car Oil Ad. A car engine doesn’t like the oil and “vomits” it. The sound may be slightly triggering. 30 seconds.

Kittens. Two kittens are play-fighting and a third comes into the video and vomits. The two fighting kittens freeze, which many find funny. No sounds of vomiting. 39 seconds.

Baby. A baby about 6 months old throws up. It’s a bit more than spit-up, but not much. 23 seconds.

Babysitter. A babysitting instructional video about what to do when a child vomits. A child “fake vomits” into a bathtub, but it looks pretty real. The instructions are very good for people with emetophobia to know what is normally done with kids. The babysitter is also very calm. 2:38. Vomiting happens at 1:24.

Guy Drinking Milk. A man tries to drink a gallon of milk (which is impossible to do without vomiting). This video is blurry, and you can’t see much. There is no sound at all in this video. 1:08. He vomits at :52 and again at 1:00.

Travellers. A group of Chinese men are on a road trip. One man is sick. In Chinese, they’re saying something about him having a fever. Someone takes him across a highway where he vomits water. He vomits at 20 seconds (stop the video here as there’s nothing more afterward). At around 9 or 10 seconds he makes a little “euh” sound like a gag which bothers some people.

Swedish TV Host. A TV host vomits on air on a call-in show. Watch until she returns as she’s the most happy, upbeat person who’s just vomited! Most people love this video even though it’s hard to watch. You can see and hear everything. She doesn’t make vomit sounds, but you can hear the vomit splash on the floor. 49 seconds. She vomits at 9 seconds.

Tyrone Davies. This filmmaker vomits on a live TV news interview program. He doesn’t vomit much, but it’s right on the desk in front of him. He makes a little cough sound as he vomits. This video is great because it has a long lead-in, which helps people with anticipatory anxiety. 1:23. He vomits at 1:03.

Seasick man. A man is sick off the edge of a small boat. He doesn’t seem bothered by it. 40 seconds. He starts vomiting a bit at 11 seconds.

New Zealand TV Host. This guy is a real drama queen! You can’t see much in this video, but he makes a lot of noise which is mostly whining and moaning when he vomits. 1:12. He begins vomiting at :17

Drunk man. This “frat boy” type projectile vomits outside at a party. He laughs about it in the end, and the other partygoers laugh and jeer at him. For some reason this video is “age restricted” so you need to click “Watch on YouTube.” 19 seconds. He begins vomiting at :03 seconds.

Seasick Woman. This video shows what it’s like to vomit many times in a row. This woman vomits at least 8 times, but it does finally stop, and note that the whole ordeal is less than a minute. The main sound is her coughing. 46 seconds. She starts vomiting at :09 seconds.

16 Kids’ Concerts Gone Wrong. This video is alternately funny with vomiting scenes. It’s good for anticipatory anxiety. 4:36

Toddler. This little guy is a real trooper. He only vomits a little bit, but the camera really captures the whole experience so many people find it difficult to watch, especially if they have kids. Once the dad gives the boy water, you can stop the video (after about 1 minute). 60 seconds.

Man on a plane. This video is great for people afraid of flying and seeing or hearing someone vomit on the plane. The man vomits into a plastic bag, so you can’t really see anything but the sound is particularly gross, and it begins immediately. 45 seconds.

Part 2. SOUNDS

Below is a compilation of 19 different vomiting sounds of varying length. Each sound will be described and the length of time stated before the sound. Your patients may need to turn their volume down very low to begin, then to medium, then loud. For those who find sounds particularly difficult, I have divided the 6:35 mp3 into three parts.

Same sounds, divided into three mp3s.

This is a link to a sounds website. It has over 100 sounds of vomiting. Many are fake, but many are real as anyone can record a sound and send it in to be included on this site. You can sort the sounds by length of time with the filters on the left – or men/women – and other filters. As well, there is a description of each sound.

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